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What I'd Like in a Partner

  • One of the first-and-foremost things I look for is an inclination toward spirituality, and if that happens to be an earth-oriented or pagan spirituality, so much the better.

  • Someone I can read, on a deeper-than-appearances level.

  • Someone whose feet stay bare most of the time, because of a natural need to feel the Earth beneath his/her feet.

  • Someone who’s not afraid to be eccentric and unique, in the face of conformism and fads.

  • Someone who loves to read.

  • Someone with interest in playing music—not just listening to it.

  • Someone with more to talk about than the latest celebrity headlines, top-40 hits, or gadgets.

  • Someone who can sit under the stars for hours, and talk about everything, meaningless and meaningful, while pinpoints of light circle the sky above us, and a fire crackles—and eventually becomes a bed of embers—in front of us.

  • Someone for whom sex can be a deep connection, lasting for hours, with plenty of foreplay; perhaps even a night (or sun-shining day) of exploring Tantric philosophy and sex together.

  • Someone who’s interested in alternative healing practices, herbalism, natural childbirth and midwifery, crystals, meditation, yoga, shamanism, drumming circles, camping, hiking, vegetarianism (seasonal or full-time), paganism, Druidism/Druidry, Wicca, psychology, and so on…

A woman who belly-dances would be great.

A guy into parkour and martial arts would be awesome.

My mood: pretty chill

My type of woman...

My type of woman is usually a hippie-type, in her 20s. Often, she’s educated beyond high-school level, but she could as-easily be a drop-out, with an intellect.

Her beauty comes naturally, without too much fuss, and she has her own sense of style. She has long hair, decent hygiene (though not fussing with highly-perfumed deodorants, soaps, shampoos, etc.), and may or may not shave. Important, too, is the lack of concern she has over shedding a little sweat, from a job well-done.

Like me, she enjoys simple pleasures—a walk on the beach, or hike in the mountains, or a paddle across still waters. On the other hand, she can be impulsive enough to hitch-hike somewhere, just because she heard they had good ice-cream.

She’s probably also into bellydancing, Tantra, yoga, and meditation. She might be fascinated by herbalism, and/or the idea of becoming a midwife, and by natural childbirth.

If children were in our future, she’d wanna name our son(s) Bodhi, Galen, Jet, Jasper, or Emet, and our daughter(s) Sefira, Dharma, Daisy, Holly, or Hazel (or names along those lines). We’d raise them barefoot, and teach them about nature, and raise a garden, and home-school…

(I’ll add more as I think of it.)

My mood: pretty chill

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