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  • One of the first-and-foremost things I look for is an inclination toward spirituality, and if that happens to be an earth-oriented or pagan spirituality, so much the better.

  • Someone I can read, on a deeper-than-appearances level.

  • Someone whose feet stay bare most of the time, because of a natural need to feel the Earth beneath his/her feet.

  • Someone who’s not afraid to be eccentric and unique, in the face of conformism and fads.

  • Someone who loves to read.

  • Someone with interest in playing music—not just listening to it.

  • Someone with more to talk about than the latest celebrity headlines, top-40 hits, or gadgets.

  • Someone who can sit under the stars for hours, and talk about everything, meaningless and meaningful, while pinpoints of light circle the sky above us, and a fire crackles—and eventually becomes a bed of embers—in front of us.

  • Someone for whom sex can be a deep connection, lasting for hours, with plenty of foreplay; perhaps even a night (or sun-shining day) of exploring Tantric philosophy and sex together.

  • Someone who’s interested in alternative healing practices, herbalism, natural childbirth and midwifery, crystals, meditation, yoga, shamanism, drumming circles, camping, hiking, vegetarianism (seasonal or full-time), paganism, Druidism/Druidry, Wicca, psychology, and so on…

A woman who belly-dances would be great.

A guy into parkour and martial arts would be awesome.

My mood: pretty chill

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